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Recreational / Warming Fire Guidelines

The Netarts-Oceanside Fire District allows small recreational fires during burn bans as long as the following conditions are met and the recreational fire is on state beaches or private property.

  1. Weather conditions must always be considered, avoid all burning during periods of high wind, and/or high temperatures and low humidity.
  2. Keep all files a reasonable size (three (3) feet in diameter) and a flame length less than two (2) feet from the ground.
  3. COMPLETELY EXTINGUISH all fires with WATER before leaving. NEVER leave a fire burning unattended.

Beach Fires

  1. Build fires away from driftwood, beach grass, and any other combustibles.
  2. When you’re done with your beach fire - DO NOT bury with sand! Sand will not smother hot embers. Please extinguish fires with water and leave the remnants visible so any still-hot embers are visible.

Recreational Backyard Fires

  1. Recreational Backyard Fires must have a valid burn permit unless within a commercial park.
  2. Recreational Backyard Fires must be contained in a noncombustible structure with at least three sides being a minimum of eight (8) inches high.
  3. Recreational Backyard Fires must have at least a twenty-five (25) foot clearance around and twelve (12) foot clearance above the fire pit.

If your fire is too large or gets out of control, the Fire Department will "completely" extinguish it, and has the authority to bill for the cost.